Don’t Get Faked Out


The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has announced an investigation into the review policies of sharing economy platforms as part of an international initiative targeting fake reviews and endorsements.

As CHOICE head of media Tom Godfrey says “With many consumers relying on user reviews to help inform their purchasing decisions, it’s concerning to think that around 15% of all online reviews are fake.”

This is exactly why we created Trusttd.

With the Trusttd platform, ONLY genuine, paying customers are invited to and able to leave a rating.

We can do this through our unique integration with the sales platforms and shopping carts used by digital product marketers. This integration makes the review invitation and collection process both automated (saving you time) and robust (meaning your customers can trust what they read).

In using Trusttd digital marketers demonstrate their transparency to their potential customers and that they have nothing to hide.

It’s a way of differentiating yourself to all those other marketers out there. You know the ones we mean…

More info on the investigation here:

Get started with your 30 day risk free trial here.

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